About Our Meetings

FRES/LCS PTO meets the first week of each month September-May in the FRES library at 6:30-8:00 pm. Meeting days vary from month to month to accommodate different schedules. (See our calendar below for details.)  If you cannot attend the whole meeting, please feel free to drop in during that time. We welcome any and all parents and caregivers in our school community. There is no “PTO Membership,” so feel free to join as many or few of our meetings as you are able.

Although no formal childcare is offered, parents often bring their children and let them read or play quietly in the library during the meeting.  Besides parents and caregivers of FRES/LCS students and the PTO board, PTO meetings are attended by two or three teacher representatives, Principal O’Connell. We occasionally may ask Superintendent Lane to join a meeting and speak on a particular topic.

PTO Meetings 2017-18

September 7th (Thursday)
October 3rd (Tuesday)
November 1st (Wednesday)
December 5th (Tuesday)
January 4th (Thursday)
February 8th (Thursday)
March 7th (Wednesday)
April 5th (Thursday)
May 1st (Tuesday)
June 5th (Tuesday)