2018 FRES Read-A-Thon

Every year, we build excitment about reading with our Read-A-Thon fundraiser. This event allows us to provide free book vouchers for students to shop our November Book Fair and to fund a variety of great events all year long.  Most of all it encourages students to develop a lifelong love of reading! This year’s Read-A-Thon takes place from October 11 through October 28. 

Students in grades 1-5 should have brought home instructions for creating a Read-A-Thon tracking and fundraising page on Read-A-Thon.com. Paper trackers and donation logs will be sent home on Monday, if you prefer to participate off-line.

Prizes! Prizes! And more Prizes!

If our FRES students meet the School Goal of reading 50,000 minutes or more during the Read-A-Thon, Mr. O has volunteered to KISS A FROG. Keep your eyes out for our Frog-O-Meter tracking our progress throughout the event!

Individual classes and students will be receive prizes for logging the most reading minutes. Read-A-Thon.com provides prizes for fundraising achievements, which will be delivered at the end of the event. Simply set up your online Read-A-Thon page to earn your first reward!

To create a Read-A-Thon Page:

  1. Go to www.Read-A-Thon.com
  2. Click the “Login” link in upper left corner, then select “Reader.”
  3. Enter the code listed on your child’s take-home sheet. (Students should have received take-home sheets before Columbus Day. Students will receive a reminder sheet with the code on Monday, 10/15. Teachers also have the codes for their students.)
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Encourage your child to READ and track their minutes using the Read-A-Thon.com tracker tool or the paper log.  Reading minutes should be logged from October 15 through October 28. If you are using a print log and donation sheet, please return it on October 29.
  6. Encourage friends and family to make donations to reward your child’s reading.

Don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us with your questions.


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