***UPDATE 8/22/17: The new playground equipment cannot be installed until the extended fence work is complete. Due to the contractor’s schedule, the fence will not be in place until sometime in September. Equipment installation will happen after that.***

FRES/LCS PTO is thrilled to announce that our support has helped to enhance the playground at Lyndeborough Central School! Thank you to each and every member of the community for your involvement in events and fundraisers throughout the year. Your participation helps us do great things in the community!

At the end of the school year your organization generously donated $1500 to support improvements to the LCS playground to benefit our students.

New playground equipment for LCS was something I budgeted for in the 2017-18 school year. With the money from the general budget and your donation of $1500 we will have enough funding to complete this playground improvement project! Installation will occur in late August at the conclusion of our summer programming and prior to the start of school.

I cannot thank you enough for your support of our schools and students! I know the children will enjoy the new playground at LCS.

–Principal Tim O’Connell

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